After a long career in the newspaper business I now find myself with my own business. Pinch! Like, how did THAT happen?? I did the requisite soul searching once I knew I was losing my job. I pondered all my options and kept coming back to graphic design and writing… writing and graphic design… I had already been freelancing for a year so it wasn’t as big of a leap as one would think. It felt more like an evolution – just a different way to go about doing what I do.

Nevertheless, much has changed. There is a certain freedom that comes with working for oneself. It is both exciting and challenging – and a great deal of hard work! Everyday is unique and while there’s no crystal ball, it does seem reasonable to expect that the hard work will pay off.

The one thing that isn’t any different is my commitment to “being there” for those that employ my talent and skills. I bring the same flexibility and devotion to doing my job at Daily Designz that I brought to my daily newspaper career for 20 years. I will always do what needs doing to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

There are things I do miss about my old job. Beyond the regular paycheque and benefits, I miss being part of something that was so important for our community. Despite that loss, I have managed to acquire a core client that represents an important organization in our community and contributes to some causes near and dear to my heart. I also miss my co-workers, many of whom I grew to consider friends. Working alone much of the time can be difficult but I’ve found ways to cope. Some things will never be the same.

What I really do love about becoming a solepreneur is the opportunity to grow as a person and in my career; growth that would never have been possible in the parameters of my old job. In short order, the foundation of knowledge and skills I have acquired over a lifetime have been serving me well, and without question, friends, colleagues and exciting new connections are helping to make Daily Designz possible. I am beyond grateful.

Photo Credit: r_mackay