Strange but true, I have come full circle. When I moved to Kamloops in September 1990 following my stint at university, I ended up with a job at Kamloops This Week and thus began my lifelong career in newspapers. I started out in the mailroom and eventually got on in the production department. A couple of years down the road I ended up at another weekly which eventually led to two decades at The Kamloops Daily News. Who could imagine three years ago that going into business for myself and taking on Oncore Seniors Society and The Connector as a client would eventually land me right back where I began, at Kamloops This Week. Twenty-seven years later. Go figure.

Kamloops This Week and Aberdeen Publishing acquired The Connector from Oncore Seniors Society in July 2017 and while I initially thought I had lost a client, I was soon being asked to continue in my roles as graphic designer and editor for the monthly paper. With another turn of luck I was offered a full-time job with my former employer and I jumped at the chance.

It has been a few months now of working on the weekly real estate section as well as The Connector and being back in the hubbub of a newspaper office. I remain busy and am maintaining Daily Designz as well.

Needless to say I am grateful for the opportunity to stay in this familiar world although with new challenges. The newspaper industry is under siege in general and yet I firmly believe that there remains a demographic or two that appreciates what we have to offer. This is especially true of the loyal readers of The Connector and I am pleased to be able to continue to produce this informative and entertaining product each month. It is exciting to be part of the digital transformation of the industry as well, something Kamloops This Week is firmly and enthusiastically embracing.

As per usual my crystal ball is out of order so I have no idea what the future holds. Overall, the newspaper business has been pretty good to me and yet it has been painful to experience and witness some of the industry-wide changes over the last several years. As a naturally curious person, both pragmatic and hopeful, I look forward to seeing what happens. For now I happen to have a front row seat.