I have had the best of both worlds for the last year or so. I have been working temporarily, full-time, covering a mat leave in a job I absolutely love. The work has been suitably challenging and rewarding and the working environment (despite two significant renovations) has been excellent. And the people I work with… well they have been stellar. The Marcom crew at TRU is amazing. Not only are they smart and talented, they are funny, team oriented and collaborative. There is no question that I am going to miss working there. To be honest, I am not so secretly hoping that they’ll find a way to keep me around. In the event this miracle doesn’t happen, however, I am preparing to return full-time to my business, Daily Designz come the last week of October.

Fortunately, I have managed to maintain a couple of my major clients over the course of the past year which has made me incredibly busy. Regular sleep and work/life balance have eluded me but it has been worth it in that I won’t have to start from scratch with my business. I am curious to see how easily I will fill the void.

Without question, working at Thompson Rivers University has made me a better designer. Working within the confines of a new brand and exploring how to make it work for an enormous variety of clients in the university community has been quite fascinating to me. The range of material that needs to be produced by the Marcom team is nothing short of remarkable. It is my intention to take all the best of what I gleaned from my year in Marcom and apply it to my business and continue to be the best designer I know how to be. I will continue to be humble. I will continue learning every chance I get. My continued hard work and commitment to success will translate to doing good work for my clients as always.