We’re quite fortunate here at Daily Designz. Not only do we get to do new, different and exciting things as we develop our business, we’ve been given the opportunity to keep a hand in an industry that has intrigued, compelled and employed us for decades. With the demise of the local Kamloops Daily News in January 2014, there was little hope that future work might involve a newspaper of any description. Happily fate surprised us.

One of our steady gigs happens to be with The Connector, a monthly publication aimed at those 45 and forward in the Kamloops region. Recently this publication was purchased from long-time owners Lori and Mike Keetch by Oncore Central Services. This is an agency that offers a number of excellent programs to help fill the service gaps for an aging population — everything from the United Way’s “Better at Home” program to subsidized housing to shopping and yard maintenance programs. Now they also own a newspaper.

To mark this new ownership and also work towards expanding the readership to a wider demographic, The Connector has recently set out to rebrand itself. The name has been shortened from Senior Connector to The Connector and when it publishes this Tuesday, readers will see that it has a new look. (Check it out here).

It has taken a couple of months to get accustomed to the monthly news cycle after working at a daily for two decades. It is a totally different pace and a different kind of paper and the content is quite unique with many regular contributors. Without question, it has been great fun being involved in the re-brand along with Suzan Goguen, Executive Director of Oncore Central Services; Becky Mann, Editor; and Sharon Brooker, Sales. Hopefully our most loyal readers and advertisers will appreciate the change and new readers will find it appealing. It has been challenging to strike that delicate balance as many people are resistant to change while others find it exciting and refreshing. One of our goals was making The Connector a little bit more readable and hopefully we’ve succeeded. No doubt we’ll get some feedback one way or the other and we will always be listening for ways to improve.

For us creative types, change is usually seen to be exciting so needless to say Daily Designz has been in its glory over the last few weeks. Being so involved in the production of a newspaper is becoming a rare treat and words can’t express how much we’ve appreciated the opportunity to do just that.

Photo Credit: Franck Boston