I spent years juggling assignments while working at a daily newspaper and meeting multiple deadlines in a day, in a week and in a month. While many of those assignments couldn’t be delegated to others on the pre-press team, some of them could. If the timing was right, there was possibly another shift coming on as well. While this was not really the case in the creative department as there were only two of us, the bench was a little deeper in pre-press although the skill set was slightly different. Choosing which ads could be sent to the back was a selective process and usually meant having it well organized to pass along.

Now, as I eek out an existence as a solepreneur, the “bench” consists of me, myself and I. This demands a whole new level of juggling. As I approach my first full year working solo I’ve discovered that I’m a pretty good juggler and while I have quite a few balls in the air at any given time, I’m not yet at the point of saying “no”.

Each job demands its own pace and while I have experienced the odd clash of deadlines, I have powered through and met my commitments. I attribute this ability to all those years of managing multiple deadlines in the newspaper business. Indeed I hope to develop more passive revenue streams so I’m not solely reliant on my client base for an income, I do find great satisfaction in doing what needs to be done. There is nothing quite like the rush of meeting or beating a deadline, not to mention pleasing a client with the results. Enjoying and thriving on the challenge, I say bring it on and toss me another ball.

(Photo Credit: Turkish Landscape)