Daily Designz is not yet expert in web design. While we can produce professional-looking and technically suitable static web images and ads, twenty years in the newspaper industry was not exactly ideal training ground for learning this end of the design business. This is really our first foray into designing a commercial website.

With some recent guidance from Marie Forleo’s B-School and some very basic knowledge, we have made it thus far. We reserved our domain several months ago once we knew what we wanted for a company name, but we hesitated to commit to a particular web-hosting firm until we were better prepared and closer to actually building the site. We did our research and settled on SiteGround.

Reviews for SiteGround are mostly positive and we found their fee-structure more palatable than some of the others. While we won’t say we weren’t confounded at points along the way between all the technical mumbo jumbo and learning how to make WordPress do what we wanted it to do, for the most part SiteGround has been great and to date we have no complaints. Daily Designz would definitely recommend SiteGround for a web-hosting site.

Photo Credit: marekuliasz