While certainly no “Wolf on Wall Street” and not earning buckets of money to radically alter an otherwise sedate lifestyle, running Daily Designz has been anything besides “dull.” At times it feels like we must work 24/7 to keep all of the balls in the air which, while periodically exhausting, can also be exciting and mostly rewarding. The opportunity to design our own Christmas cards and envelopes was great fun, and equally gratifying have been the many varied projects that have come up recently. Creating everything from trade-show signage, huge roadside tourism signs, promotional playing cards, standard business cards, newsletters, tried and true magazine and newspaper ads and layout; we now have an intriguing opportunity before us to design a triathlon racing kit.

Indeed, the newspaper industry has been under siege and is undergoing significant changes but the printing industry in general appears to be thriving. There is still a demand for logos, branding, business cards, posters, direct-mail postcards, brochures, signs, etc. not to mention all of the online collateral. Innovative technologies mean new forms of printing and as a graphic designer this is all good news. We can work locally or remotely. Printing options are also varied and choices abound to meet different needs. Supporting local businesses versus tapping into the conveniences of online options mean we have choices.

Our introduction to the printing industry many moons ago revolved around flexographic printing at a pressure sensitive label company. In the pre-computer era this meant creating designs that would compensate for the way plates would “stretch” on the press. For example, one had to know precisely how much to “squash” an ellipse in the artwork to create a proper circle on the finished die-cut label. No doubt this is accomplished by some computer algorithm now and has been for years. A switch to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) of designing ads and covers for newspapers and magazines for offset using desktop computers was quite a bit more straightforward. It was always quite impressive to see what our press crew at the paper could elicit from an old press six days a week as we meshed the old with new upstairs before eventually outsourcing our printing to another company and community.

Having the opportunity now, to explore and design for so many unique and different applications makes us feel like a kid in the candy store. Still unhappy that our community has lost its daily newspaper, it is imperative to move on and be as positive as possible and seek out new opportunities. Future prospects are truly endless and it is easy to look forward to 2015 with both optimism and fascination. For one that likes to learn and enjoys a challenge, it is clear that the future is brighter than we thought and we have cause to celebrate. Join us in embracing the shiny and new opportunities coming our way in 2015. Cheers and best wishes and don’t hesitate to contact us to meet your novel (or mundane!) design requirements. We are eager to help wherever we can.
Best Wishes